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Greatness Publishing produces resources that take people from bondage to greatness. We accomplish this by providing opportunities for authors to receive assistance writing their books, book coaching and ghostwriting services, translating books into multiple languages, creating audiobooks, offering brand visibility opportunities and distributing books worldwide.

To bring a fresh cutting-edge approach and expertise to publishing faith based books.


To help the five fold ministry pastors, prophets, teachers, evangelists and apostles go beyond the pulpit and reach the masses in the marketplace by offering a professional team of editors, writers and graphic designers with over 15 years of experience to help you create a professional book that audiences want to read.


It's time for you to publish your international best selling book!

We are ready to help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a published author.
When you publish with Greatness Publishing your book will be distributed

  • Online 

  •  In Stores 

  • Around the World

You have waited for the moment to finally say you are an author. Think about the credibility and the doors that will open for you when you finally get your book published.

Think about the lives that will be set free, delivered, healed, inspired and restored because of your YES!
YES! It is time for you to publish your book.
YES! It is time for you to reach the nations with your message.
YES! We are ready to help you finally get it completed and on to the bookshelves

Through our partnerships

We have helped more authors become Amazon best sellers and sell over 200% more copies than the average author.

Greatness Publishing is committed to helping faith based authors get their work published and globally released.

We offer a hands on approach to publishing. Offering authors the opportunity to freely express their God given message in a way that demonstrates boldness, freedom and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Contact us today to get started!!

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